Who are we?

Arc Publications specialises in the work of international poets writing in English and the work of overseas poets in translation. Throughout our 45-year history, our aim has been to introduce British readers and audiences to the very best poets from around the world. Often these poets are household names in their own country, while here they are practically unknown, and we martial the best translators, venues and speakers we can find to change that.

What is the Arc Ventures Tour 2014?

For the third year running, we are very proud to announce that we will once again be hitting the roads and railways this autumn to share some of the finest poets the planet has to offer with as many audiences around Britain as we can physically manage. Our journey will stretch from London to Liverpool, Leeds to Kings Lynn and beyond – you can see our full programme here. Many of the events are free to attend – simply turn up – but for those that aren’t, all ticket details are here.

At any of our events, you can expect:

  • Passionate, exciting poets reading their work in their own language
  • English translations by the world’s best translators, read by them or one of the Arc team
  • An insight into the artistic heart of a different culture
  • A chance to meet the poets, discuss their life and work and get your books signed!

The Arc Ventures Tour 2014 gratefully acknowledges financial support from the following organisations:

Arts Council EnglandIcelandic Literature Center